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Our Pastor

The Rev. Susan Maxwell Resiert has been serving Old South since 2005.

Born and raised in Wakefield, Mass, Rev. Reisert received her B.A. from Colby College (majoring in American Studies) and her M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School in 1992.  She was ordained by the Metropolitan Boston Association of the Mass. Conference in 1995.  Except for the first four years of her life, she has been active in UCC/Congregational Churches for her entire life.

Pastor Reisert and her husband, Joseph (a Government professor at Colby College), have two college-age children, Margaret and John (both attending colleges in the Hudson Valley of New York). They live on Great Pond in Belgrade.

In her free time, Pastor Reisert enjoys outdoor activities, reading, being involved in her kids’ sporting activities (both are swimmers), traveling, getting together with friends, spinning (cycling), cheering on her favorite team (the New England Patriots), and experimenting with her favorite substance, chocolate.

Pastor Reisert served churches in Cambridge, MA and Winslow, ME before being called to Old South.

She currently serves as on the Board of Directors of the Maine Conference. She served as Chair of the Board from 2016-2018. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter and a small philanthropic foundation, and as class correspondent for the Colby Class of 1986.

An active writer and blogger, Pastor Reisert’s blog ( is part of the Christian Century blog network. Her work has also appeared in the print edition of the Christian Century.

Weddings @ Old South

Get Your Marriage Off to a Great Start with a Meaningful Wedding Ceremony


We are delighted that you are considering holding your wedding ceremony at Old South Church.  We are eager to be supportive as you prepare to make a public profession of your commitment to one another and, more importantly, to invite God’s blessing on your relationship.

A wedding will be most meaningful when there is careful concern for the sanctity of the church and its services.  A wedding ceremony at Old South is a Christian worship service, with the language and music reflecting that fact.

As an Open and Affirming congregation, Old South invites heterosexual and homosexual couples to consider a wedding at our church.


The date of the wedding is set in consultation with the pastor.  For summer weddings, a date should be set as early as possible.  At least three months notice must be given for weddings at the church.  Weddings are not normally held during Holy Week or Easter.


The pastor of Old South ordinarily officiates at all weddings at Old South.  The pastor requires adequate time for preparation and for premarital counseling.  Other clergy may participate in the service, at the invitation of the pastor of Old South.  Please speak to the pastor if you would like to have another clergyperson participate in your service.

If the pastor will be on vacation at the time of your wedding, she will work with you to arrange for another clergy person to officiate.  Any substitutes must be approved by Old South’s pastor.


Music for your wedding shall be in keeping with the reverence observed upon entering a house of worship.  The Music Director shall approve all music.  Recorded music is generally not allowed during services at Old South.

The Music Director is responsible for the church organ and its use by other persons.  Requests for other musicians must have the Music Director’s approval.

More specific information regarding music and the services of the Music Director will be provided once a date is scheduled.

General Rules

Reservations for any church wedding must be made with the Pastor, after meeting with her.  Then, a deposit must be submitted to the church office.

No alcohol, or intoxicating substances are to be served at any time while on Old South property.  No smoking is allowed in the church buildings or on the church grounds.

The Old South Oversight Committee reserves the right to limit the use of the church properties at any time.

Promptness a that rehearsal and wedding is essential.  A wedding rehearsal may be canceled if the wedding party is not assembled within thirty minutes of the starting time set for the rehearsal.

No receiving lines, unless the reception will be held in the Parish House.

It is the responsibility of the couple to secure a marriage license.  The license must be brought to the wedding rehearsal.


If you wish to hold your wedding reception in the Parish House, please speak to the Administrative Assistant regarding policies and the rental agreement.


It is customary for invitations to the rehearsal dinner and the reception be issued to the pastor and the pastor’s spouse (and sometimes the organist as well).  The pastor is usually not able to attend the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception.  In most instances, therefore, you should ask a family member or friend to offer blessings at these events.  The pastor would be happy to write such a blessing.  Please make your request prior to the rehearsal.

Fee Schedule

For active church members (people who attend worship on a regular basis and participate in the life of the church), there is no fee for the use of the church, nor is there an honorarium for the Pastor.  A donation to Old South, in celebration of the happy event, is appropriate and appreciated, especially if the wedding takes place in the winter months (to cover extra fuel and utility costs).  Active church members  are expected to pay the Organist fee.

Fees (for those who are not active members of the church) are as follows:

Sanctuary:  $150 (Nov. through March, add $50)

Pastor:  $300

Parish House, if needed:  $100

Organist and Sexton (Brad Krueger):  $200

Fees for off-site weddings will be handled on a case by case basis.

Payment Schedule

Payment is expected in full by the day of the rehearsal, or the day prior to the day of the wedding.  Payment shall be made according to the Fee Schedule above.  Checks are to be given to the Administrative Assistant or to the Pastor.

A $50.00 deposit is required when returning the application, after the initial meeting with the Pastor, to secure your date on the church calendar.

Camera, Video and Photography

During the ceremony, attention should be on the liturgy and on the holiness of the service, with a minimum of distraction.

NO flash photography is permitted during the ceremony itself.

The Pastor will consult with the photographer and the videographer, if one is present, prior to the rehearsal, to review expectations.

Floral Arrangements

Please speak to the Pastor regarding floral arrangements and instructions for your florist.  Old South recommends that you use Berry & Berry (located on Water St. in Hallowell).  They are familiar with Old South’s sanctuary and have access to the building.


Parking is available in the Parish House lot and along the street.

A handicapped parking spot is located at the bottom of the ramp on the Chestnut St. side of the church.

Pastoral Ponderings

Reflections on Faith, Ministry and Life Itself

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