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Don’t Delay

Sept 10, 2017

Focus:  Romans 13:8-14

What It Could Be

September 3, 2017

Focus:  Romans 12:9-21

Sermon August 20, 2017

Focus Scripture:  Matt 15:21-28

What’s Really Going On Here?

August 6, 2017

Focus Scripture:  Matt 14:13-21

Many thanks to David Lose, “The Real Miracles of the Story” found at

A Weed in a World Full of Roundup

July 30, 2017

Focus Scripture:  Matt 13:31-33,44-52

July 16, 2017. Focus: Matt 13:1-9,18-23

June 11, 2017: The Great Commission (Matthew)

Sermon Title:  You Want Us to Do What?

Pentecost 2017

Pastoral Ponderings

Reflections on Faith, Ministry and Life Itself

Old South Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

An Open and Affirming Church in Hallowell, Maine